Our Happy Balance Planners were created to capture your dreams, big and small, and help you organize (and create!) the stepping stones that help you reach those dreams. We know how it feels to question whether you are big enough, strong enough, smart enough…just simply enough…for those dreams and we wanted your Happy Balance Planner to be a daily reminder that YES YOU ARE! The path to these dreams is not always straight or short but, when it truly means something to you, it is absolutely worth believing in and working fiercely toward.

But we also understand that sometimes that burning passion or the itch to create your ideas into realities is not always enough to keep you going. Jordan has had some form of a small business to his name since the age of 16 and one of the first things he told me when we started Sherbert Shop was that there were going to be good days and there were going to be challenging days. The good days are your fuel! They are what give you the strength to power through the days that make you question the why behind your daily efforts and struggles. And this isn’t just a “small biz” thing. This is an every day life thing. I felt it during my PhD journey, maybe you feel it at work or when you are trying every day to be the very best parent to your kiddos. No matter the where, when or what, this struggle is real and the need for encouragement to either take the first step or take just the next step on your own path is real.

So how do we find encouragement and strength when we stumble along our path or are faced with a speed bump? We’ve talked about how to overcome curve balls but we have some other ideas on how you can remind yourself that your dreams are worthy and so are you!

  • Speak your dreams into existence: This past spring, I attended two creative workshops that gave me the confidence to start speaking our Sherbert Shop dreams into existence. The simple act of saying your dreams out loud is empowering! It is bringing thoughts and ideas to life, putting them out into the world and making a claim that they are yours, and they are worthy for others’ eyes and ears. Stand behind your words and dreams and each time you speak them out loud, feel yourself grow a couple of inches taller!
  • Embody your dreams: Maybe you aren’t ready to scream your dreams from the rooftop for all to hear or even whisper them to your closest circle. We understand that feeling. There are some dreams and ideas that are too precious and also end up being the most scary, and it can be hard to even say them out loud in fear that the moment you do, someone or something will crush them (and you). So if you aren’t ready to speak your dreams into existence, embody them! Start to see yourself living your dream and start to embody the characteristics and skills you need to actually live out your dream.
  • Write yourself a note of encouragement: Write yourself a note…YES…we are actually suggesting that you sit down and write yourself an actual, physical letter that you can open at a future date. Think about the words you need to hear and that you try to tell yourself on those challenging days that have you filled with doubt. Be your own source of strength, your own encouragement and your own inspiration that reminds you why you started, why you’re still taking a forward step each day and why it matters! Tuck the letter away for a rainy day OR put the letter in a stamped envelope and give it to a friend to mail to you in a couple months. Give yourself the simple gift of reminding yourself to believe and let your own words re-fuel your passion!
  • Keep your goals visible: We encourage you to fill your Happy Balance Planners with your goals and to open it on the daily. But we also encourage you to write down your top two or three broad goals for yourself and keep them somewhere you will see them every single day. Maybe it’s on your desk, maybe you put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror so you can’t help but see them every morning when getting ready, or maybe your goals are displayed on your fridge…the point is to make them visible! Make your goals be present in your every day life so that you never lose sight of them!

Give yourself a personal dose of encouragement and don’t let yourself stand in the way of finding the forward progress and the determination to make your dreams your reality!

What ways do you give yourself a fist-pump or pep talk when you are faced with doubt and fear? We’d love to hear your ideas…they might be the inspiration that someone else needs to find the confidence and determination to keep moving forward!