Sherbert Shop is our late night creation that turned from a little pipe dream into a reality. A love of all things paper and planner related, combined with a passion for creating and building something from the ground up led to us taking the leap with our first joint business venture!

We believe in dreaming big, constantly working to be our best versions, filling our days with only things we are truly passionate about, being persistent, being focused and being driven. We believe in seeing the positive in everyone and everything, choosing happiness, loving big, and helping others. Our creations are a reflection of these values, what we hold dear and what we truly find helpful for making the absolute most of every day!

Sherbert Shop paper goods aim to help you balance all your passions, your joys, and your nearest and dearest so that you can be in and enjoy the big and small moments of every day. Life can get busy and it can get messy and Sherbert Shop paper goods help you organize your to-dos, your events, your ideas and your thoughts. We want to help people find calm in the chaos, to focus on what truly matters most, to feel their best and to find their happy balance!

About the Sherberts

Hello, There! We’re Jordan and Hillary of Sherbert Shop from Atlanta, GA. We met freshman year of college in Chicago and have been together ever since. We have grown up together, we have moved, we have traveled, we have run a half-marathon together, we have gotten a dog, we have supported each other in starting a business and working toward a PhD, we have laughed (a lot!), we have reached goals, we have made dreams come true, and we have been each other’s best friend every step of the way! In August 2015 we started the next chapter together, tied the knot and became The Sherberts!

Hillary - Cofounder and Owner

Hillary has always had a love for paper goods with a soft spot for notepads, sticky notes, colored pens, and planners. Stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, color…the more the better! She is currently juggling being a full-time PhD student with her work as a full time clinical researcher and couldn’t get through a day (or her to-do list) without her Happy Balance PlannerTM. She is always working towards finding that happy balance between work, school, family, and friends and taking time to enjoy both the big and the small moments of each day. She likes to fill her “me time” laced up in her running shoes, in the kitchen baking and cooking, and wishing every day included craft time!

Jordan - Cofounder and Owner

Jordan is an entrepreneur through and through. He loves to invent, create and build. He started his first business at the ripe age of 16 and small business owner has been apart of his job title ever since. He loves all things technology and computer-related, can code and build just about anything he can dream up and believes that as long as he has his computer and/or phone, there is no problem or situation he can’t find his way out of. He is never without his Back Pocket PlannerTM, has an affinity for bullet journaling to keep his day focused, and is the best at leaving secret sticky notes to brighten Hill’s day (Disclaimer: personal opinion of Hillary!).

Wally - Chief Entertainment Officer

Wally is a 3.5-year-old goldendoodle that stole Hillary and Jordan’s heart the minute they picked him out. He missed the memo that he was supposed to stop growing at 60 pounds and is a whopping 95 pounds. He likes to wear bow ties, loves socks and paper towels, hasn’t found a tennis ball he didn’t love, and starts his workdays off strong with a morning handful of honey nut cheerios. He takes his position as Chief Entertainment Officer very seriously with his numerous tricks. He can sit, lay down, roll over, play dead, speak, shake, and give kisses and if you need a high-five or hug, he’s good for those, too!