Decide this week to take even one step forward in creating your sweet life!

Jor and I were talking at dinner last night about how it’s not always finding the right job or work but it’s about creating the lifestyle that you can sustain, be proud of and thrive off of day after day. We don’t want jobs that clock in and clock out of, or a jobs that simply pay the bills. It’s all about creating YOUR sweet life, filled with your wildest dreams, daring passions and people that fuel your heart and soul! We have one chance and one shot at life and why wouldn’t you want to make each day a piece of your sweet life creation?

So we want to challenge you this week! What can you do this week to take even just one step toward creating this sweet life of yours? What does it look like? What does it feel like? It doesn’t have to be a giant leap but can simply be a baby step. That first baby step is all you need to ignite your momentum and really fuel that voice inside of you that is cheering for you, supporting you and saying YES YOU CAN!

5 tips you can put into action this week to create your very own sweet life!

  • Imagine: What does your perfect day look like? Put aside what you think your day should be filled with and truly give in to everything you wish your day looked like! Who does it involve? What does it involve? Write it down on paper and start to look at how you can start living out some of the components of that perfect, sweet day! Of course, not every day is ideal, curve balls are thrown ALL the time, but we have a choice every day to make it a good day, so what does that look like for you?
  • Press Pause and be MINDFUL! Our days quickly fill up and we often don’t get two seconds to ourselves. So give yourself permission to press the pause button. Just sit and just be. Be mindful in your thoughts and mindful in your actions so that you truly soak in every minute of the day to make each moment that much sweeter.
  • Say NO to one thing that truly doesn’t fuel you with passion. We all have that list of people and things that we just continually say yes to because we feel obligated or because of habit. This week, just say NO even just once. Notice how your week doesn’t fall apart and perhaps you actually find more time for the people and things that you truly love! Get rid of the clutter and make room for everything that matters most to you.
  • Treat yourself! Maybe this means that you literally indulge in your favorite sweet treat without a bit of guilt OR maybe this means you carve out the hour that you crave to read a book, workout, or take a long bath. We have to give ourselves the time and the permission to indulge in the things that actually help us reset and refuel so that we can come back to everything else stronger! Think of this as filling up your joy meter!
  • Make a Plan: Map out the when and how for creating your sweet life. Rather than day dream about your sweet life, we want you to take action on it! We want you to own and we want you to direct it! So set aside some time, maybe on the weekend, and start writing down actionable steps and specific dates that you can start to work towards taking another step toward creating your sweet life. It won’t happen over night, but once you have it mind, why not spend every day finding forward progress? Take it one week and one day at a time, and break the big goals down into smaller pieces. One step will turn into two, into three…and before you know it, you’re miles from where you started and hopefully living YOUR sweet life!

Embrace your sweet life! Lean into it and start to create it one day at a time!