Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to truly assess what is filling your days, dominating your time, and requiring your energy and attention?

Your time within each day is limited. Your ability to do all the things AND be present is limited. So why not be intentional with how you decide to use your time, expend your energy, give to yourself, and give to others? Maybe you feel like you are obligated to do certain things or you can’t even take the moment to asses and make any changes. We understand those feelings, but today, we give you permission to:




This month we are focusing on really evaluating what you are doing to fill your time and days and deciding if it truly fuels you. We want to help you uncover what’s working in your life right now, identify what’s not and then help you make plans for replacing the negative with something more positive and supportive.

The creation of this month’s freebie worksheet is actually courtesy of my step-dad! Last month my step dad celebrated a Birthday and he’s always pretty thoughtful about reflecting on his year and setting goals for the year to come. My step-dad is always full of great ideas but from his birthday reflection he came to us saying he had a great idea for our planners: worksheets to evaluate and organize lists of things to stop, start, and continue.

Simply put…we loved the idea! We loved the idea of providing a space for you to press pause on your day and truly reflect on all the things that are filling the pages of your Happy Balance Planner.

  • Do you like what you see and when flip through your planner and you see all that you did?
  • Do you wish there was less of some things (or people?) and more of others?
  • Does it make you feel proud and inspired to do more?  

Or maybe when you finally give yourself a moment, you realize that you’re on a path that isn’t your true passion and there is no side road that is going to connect to it from where you are. That’s ok, too!

You have to recognize the good and the bad before you can begin to make changes and that is what the Defining Your Time Optimally worksheets are for. 

We created these worksheets to provide a space that allows you to explore, reflect and organize. You might think of them as an extension to last month’s spring refresh checklists. Instead of cleaning out your closet or pantry you’re cleaning out your days and weeks so that you can make time and space in your life for the people and things you love most. Perhaps a bit more challenging than decided whether you truly need another striped t-shirt in your closet…but even more rewarding!

To keep things focused and concise, there are just three sections in the Defining What Fuels You worksheet: stop, start and continue. Here are some tips on how to approach each one:

  • Stop: Think about the things you are spending time on and the things that are consuming your energy that feel like they are doing just that: consuming and no longer serving or giving. Are there people or things that are keeping you from doing more of what you love and seem like road blocks to your true passions? Allow yourself to Let. Them. Go. Remember that stopping one thing is actually providing the opportunity to start something else!


  • Start: Now that you have determined what you want to do and have less of, what do you want to replace that with? What do you want to add to your daily/weekly routine that fires you up, reminds you of people and things you love, and helps you grow into your whole self? Think about things that can help you build strength and help you build the foundation that you want to grow from. Give yourself permission to start doing the more of the things that bring you true joy!


  • Continue: This is my personal favorite and the category that often gets forgotten. This is the space where you recognize what you have and what you are doing currently that you want hold on to, build from and continue to use as a source of fuel in your daily pursuit of your goals. Sometimes I think we look outward for what we want to add or get rid of, and we don’t take the moment to look inward and celebrate what we have already chosen that is serving us in all the best ways. So decide on the habits, routines, etc. that are working positively for you and make sure you keep finding the space for those in your life.

There is power in writing these ideas and thoughts down. 

Writing it down is the first step in truly being honest with yourself, making affirmations with yourself, and then holding yourself accountable. Write in pen, be messy, scratch through ideas, highlight your favorites…be genuine with yourself. 

Remember: There is no right or wrong thing to write on these worksheets. 

The Defining Your Time Optimally worksheets include two different formats for those that need little space OR big space! Whether you like to be efficient in your list making or you like to be prolific, we’ve got you covered with both options in this worksheet packet and you just pick what works best for you.

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