Goal Reset Workbook

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Create DateDecember 10, 2017


Listen to Discover Your Light

  • Before you can move forward, you have to truly see where you have been and where you are right now.
  • Thoughtfully evaluate what you did this past year that made you feel like your fullest self
  • Pinpoint what is working well in your daily life and what is continually showing up as a speed bump

Define Your Compass

  • Define what you want your future to look like and develop a wish list for next year
  • Intentionally decide what you will say NO to to make space for what you need and want to say YES to

Deepen Your Passions

  • Learn about the Goal Funnel and how it can help you build the roots you need that will allow you to grow toward your dreams
  • Define your WHY behind each of your goals that will fuel the HOW behind your goals