Believe it or not, you’re reaching the middle of your November, which means holidays are RIGHT around the corner! Things are about to get a little more chaotic and little busier and it’s incredibly easy to let your goals for the last few months to take a side seat amidst the holiday parties. But we want to encourage you to continue to find forward progress during these next few weeks! Create momentum and enthusiasm that you can carry with you to the start of next year.

Rather than thinking there isn’t much to be gained during these last few weeks of the year (6 to be exact) we want you to think of these next 6 weeks as 6 opportunities to create progress! Here are our tips for ending the year on a high, productive note: 

  • Review Your Yearly Goals: Sit down with your Happy Balance Planner and evaluate the yearly goals that you used to create the foundation for your year. Is there a goal (or two) that you would be proud to include in your 2016 round up? Is there something that you feel like you HAVE to put a check mark by to feel like you ended your 2016 strong and prepared to take on 2017? Use those goals as your compass for the next few weeks.
  • Prune Your Goal List:  Don’t try to do it all, but decide to do a few goals well! You might get a second wind and want to try to take on every last item you have on your weekly and monthly goal lists but try to hold yourself to just a few that are truly important and meaningful. Be focused and be determined on a few goals. This will help you prioritize your energy and help you be efficient with your time when it becomes even more precious during the holiday season.
  • Schedule Time for Your Work: Now more than ever, it is essential that you write down in your Happy Balance Planner when you are going to work on the tasks that are going to lead to the check mark by these last few goals of 2016. When distractions increase, it’s necessary to balance them with stability and structure. Maybe that means you find a new routine for the holiday season or maybe that means you shift your working time from the evenings to the mornings. The point is, you get to decide and you get to remain the director. Find what works for you and allows you to be consistent in your efforts!
  • Make Daily To-Dos: When your days get busier, your head becomes filled with more tasks, events, and plans than you can honestly keep track of without writing them down! So don’t let everything swim around in your head and instead make sure you truly utilize your daily to-do list in your Happy Balance Planner. Break every goal and every task down as small as you need to…even if that means you write down “take a shower” on a daily to-do list. Sometimes that is what it takes to literally get through each day without falling on your face. So fill those daily to-dos and find progress with each check mark you make!
  • Create Time for Holiday Fun: Your immediate reaction might be to see the holiday parties and fun as distractions from your work but remember to find the joy in them! Remember that saying yes to the holiday activities isn’t saying yes to a distraction but it is saying yes to cultivating the relationships that fill you up and remind you what truly matters and fuels you each and every day! These are the times and these are the people that help you create your balance that we have talked about before. So make sure that your Happy Balance Planner includes some holiday cheer amongst the work to-dos and use those reminders as your inspiration for working hard so you can play hard, as well!

Be relentless and be stubborn this holiday season about the forward progress you want to make on your goals! Write the steps down that will help you accomplish that and then go after them unapologetically!