Freebie Downloads

Personal Dose of Encouragement

Use these two worksheets to be your own source of strength, your own encouragement, and your own inspiration that reminds you why you started, why you’re still working to take a forward step each day and why your dreams matter!

2017 Goal Refresh

This is the goal refresh that you’ve been craving! Your 2017 Goal Refresh Worksheet Packet will help you dive deep into the goal setting process in three simple steps: Reflect, Revise, Refresh. You always have the ability to reinvigorate yourself and your goals and it starts with these worksheets and your words.

Defining Your Time Optimally

Your time within each day is limited. Your ability do all the things AND be present is limited. The Defining Your Time Optimally Worksheets help you explore, reflect and organize so you can be intentional with how you decide to use your time, expend your energy, give to others, AND give to yourself.

Spring Refresh Checklists (Home Version)

The Spring Refresh Checklists help you tackle areas in your home that are usually begging for attention like your kitchen pantry, fridge, bathroom and the dreaded closet! Let go of the things in your house that simply don’t serve you or serve a purpose anymore so that you can be lighter and brighter!