How often do you find yourself saying the timing just isn’t right so you you need to wait to take that next step, make that important connection or go on that vacation you’ve been day dreaming about? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking it’s not the right time but truth be told…the timing is never going to be JUST RIGHT!

The longer you wait, the longer you postpone your dreams and you will inevitably miss out on something or someone great. You stay right where you are and you will keep waiting for that perfect moment where all the stars align, only to find that there is no end to the wait.

So what do you do?

You take the leap! You decide to make now the right time. You start making incremental progress today, creating and moving each piece of the puzzle one by one until you end up exactly where you want to be.

If you have a goal and a dream that you are waiting to take the first move on, decide that this weekend you put plans on paper and on Monday you plans into action. The email or phone call you’ve been putting off because you’re just not ready…rip the band-aid off, and pick up the phone put or get your fingers typing and hitting the send button first thing Monday. And The vacation you’ve been talking about taking but not going any further than talking about…sit down with your Happy Balance Planner and decide on the dates this weekend. Start carving out the time now and define NOW as the perfect time for a trip.

What this boils down to is trust and belief. Rather than waiting for the perfect, just-right time to do something, decide to trust in yourself. Trust that you have everything you need to pursue any goal and make now the RIGHT time to go after that goal daringly!