So often we carry more weight on our shoulders than is truly necessary.

We want to do more, be more, and give more.

We want to be better, faster, and stronger.

You might feel that everything you have done during this first month of 2017 is not enough. Perhaps you flipped back to your January goals page in your Happy Balance Planner and are disappointed in every item not having a check by it, as we near the end of the month. Maybe you don’t even connect with what you originally wrote down or life simply happened differently than you first planned when the year started. Here is the very best news we can give you on a Friday…It is OK! Wherever you are, whatever you are feeling and whatever you have done is exactly where you are supposed to be!

Today, we want you to give yourself GRACE! 

We want you to take a moment and just sit wherever you. Sit and truly embrace where you are and celebrate every big and little accomplishment during the month of January, regardless of whether it is written down in your planner. Give yourself permission to be proud! Be proud of the steps you have taken this month and the forward progress that you found and created for yourself.

No matter how much pressure you feel from the outside, know that the greatest pressure absolutely comes from you. You expect the best out of yourself and when you fall an inch short, it’s not unusual to start playing the blame game with yourself. But, instead, replace blame with grace and trust that you did your best and your best is enough!