Decide that there is only one direction to go in 2017…up and forward!

Rather than starting a new year thinking you are starting with a totally blank slate, use your wins and your strengths from 2016 as your launching pad into this year.  Leave behind anything that cannot and will not serve your intentions and your goals in 2017! This is your chance to let go of the things that are keeping you from moving forward and growing into your true self.

What are your wins, highs, success stories, etc. that create your 2016 ceiling? Write them down for yourself and put them in a place where you can see them every day. The moment you start to feel those voices of doubt or you start to find an excuse not to take another step or reach a little beyond your comfort zone, I want you to look at those things and people that make up your 2016 ceiling. Use that as fuel and as a foundation of support when you start to feel unsteady in the present. Remember what you have already done and give yourself credit for that work. Then start to tell yourself that those things are just stepping blocks to your next chapter, your next accomplishment and your next moment of joy. They were simply the prep work for where you are headed this year!

Now, we may be almost half way through January, but remember there is nothing magical about January 01. In fact, you should treat each day as a new opportunity and a new “1st” to find forward progress. So make a promise with yourself today. Decide that a year from today, you will have grown further, higher and stronger than you are today. Decide to push past limits and road blocks and start working to create a brand new ceiling in 2017!