When you’re chasing after a goal, one of the best (and also hardest) things you can do is stay in your own lane!

On the daily we have social media flashing the highlights of everyone and everything and it’s easy to get sucked in to what you think you should do, be and look like. But instead of settling in with the crowd we encourage you to stand away from the crowd so that you can hear yourself and you can see yourself fully. Put blinders on to what everyone else is doing and earmuffs on to what everyone is saying. Instead, listen to your own voice and your passions.

Trust that the path you are creating and traveling along is exactly where you are supposed to be and is exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

The trusting part can be difficult. Within your own lane you are going to encounter speed bumps and other road blocks and construction that even the best of planning cannot predict. When you reach these points it would be so easy to let them stop you but instead we encourage you to use them as fuel. Use the challenges as opportunities to build more strength and more perseverance and to also let your voice become stronger and louder. Get creative and discover new layers and maybe even new skills within you that you didn’t even know existed. Trust that these challenges were meant to remind you of why you started on this journey to begin with, your passion behind your work, and your strength to overcome and press forward!

What you have and all that you are made of is one of a kind.

Don’t get side tracked by all the noise that might surround you and put all of your focus on your very own lane. Let your heart influence you rather than the actions and words of others. Own your lane. And trust it (and yourself) even more!