Now more than ever is the time each of us needs to have the strength to step fully into our whole selves. What does that look like for you? What does that feel like? The world needs more of the real, authentic you that is led by heart and passion and fueled by your relentless drive and dedication.

Take even just a moment today and think about how you would truly define your whole self. Write down the words, images and feelings that first come to mind and compare them to who you are and where you are today. If there is an obstacle, whether it be literal or physical, keeping you from stepping fully into your whole self, decide today to step over it, around it, under it…more simply, step beyond it! The thing that makes you feel at your very best…do more of that. The people that make you feel at your very best…spend more time with them. Carve out space in your Happy Balance Planner to surround yourself with the people and things that fuel you up and truly inspire you to keep growing into the best, fullest version of yourself.

Give yourself permission to let go of anything, and even anyone, that doesn’t serve you at your fullest and immerse yourself in all the things and people that make you shine brighter.     

Even more importantly, have the strength to believe that your whole self is your best self and trust that your whole, best self is valuable! Now more than ever, it is your time to believe in your whole self, to stand up for your whole self and fight for your whole self and all of your worth!