This week has been focused on creating strong roots because without them:

You have no starting point from which to grow!

You have absolutely nothing to push off when taking your next step.

And, you have no support or stability when the unexpected comes your way, threatening to knock you down.

It’s inevitable that we will all be faced with an unexpected challenge, struggle, curve ball, etc., that we cannot avoid or prevent. Details on what it is, what it will look like or when it will come are not important.

What actually matters is how we react to it all.

If you need a minute before you turn on the positive switch, take your moment (we all need one)! But then decide to transform the struggle into something that works for you, not against you.

Decide to see the struggle as an opportunity.

An opportunity to peel back another layer and dig a little deeper within yourself to grow your roots a little deeper and a little stronger. This action alone will help you find and build the strength you need to grow into a new space.

We can’t control what life throws at us, but we absolutely can control what we do with it.

So, lean into your struggles, send down your roots, and build new strengths!