We like to end our Friday’s with some inspiration and some words that allow us to celebrate our wins and let go of anything that is weighing us down from the week. Who wants to end their week on a down note? Not us! So this week, the week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr., we want to remind you that you were meant for an epic life!

Even if you have to write this down on a sticky note and put it on your refrigerator to remind yourself every single day, we want this to become a fact for you. There are of course going to be speed bumps and turns that you could never imagine, but without question, you were meant for an epic life. We want you to give yourself permission to see beyond your doubts and fears and grow from a place of courage and passion!

Believe that you were meant to do and be epic. 

But also recognize that epic doesn’t necessarily mean big or grand…epic is living and growing into your best self! By epic, we don’t mean movie star, celebrity, new york times best sellers list kind of epic. We mean, the type of life that inspires others, touches others, lifts others, brightens others, and represents you at your absolute fullest! We mean the kind of epic life that you wake up to everyday and are excited about! The intentional life that is driven by your passions and fueled by your heart. Each of you has something unique and amazing to give and offer others and that is what we hope you let define your epic!

So be honest with your epic, lean into it and have the courage to pursue it daringly! It’s what you were made for!