Your WHY behind your actions has power.

It’s so much more than words. Those words are filled with strength, determination, persistence and love that can absolutely be the fuel. Fuel for…

HOW you will take the next step.

HOW you will fall forward, only to get right back up and try again.

HOW you will believe in yourself and your dreams.

HOW you will reach your dreams.

HOW you will grow into your full self.

Your why matters. No matter who or what it is, never loose sight of it. Write it down in your Happy Balance Planner or put it on your bathroom mirror so that you are reminded it at the start of every day.

Most of all, keep it close to your heart and let it be all the fuel you need when you feel yourself sitting in a place of doubt or fear. Those times are inevitable and absolutely necessary sometimes to take the next step. But it’s absolutely not necessary to stay in that place and prevent yourself from progressing forward.

So, the next time you need the reminder for being where you are, doing what you’re doing, and creating what you’re dreaming…go back to home base…go back to your WHY! 

What is your Why? Who or what energizes you and reminds you why you started?