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When: Starting Monday, December 11 through Friday, December 15

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What: Goal Planning Workbook and Daily Emails with Short Videos that walk you through a goal planning process that will help you discover what lights you up and clearly define your goals that ultimately allow you to deepen your passions and become your fullest self!

Here’s what we’ll cover over the five days to set you up for an amazing 2018! 

DAY 1: Letter To Our Dream Chasers 

  • A letter of encouragement that reminds you that what you dream about can become your reality!
  • It’s about first listening, listening to what lights you up, carving out the steps to act on that, and then deepening your passion and drive so that you continue to fall forward all year.

DAY 2: Listening to Discover Your Light

  • Before you can move forward, you have to truly see where you have been and where you are right now.
  • Thoughtfully evaluate what you did this past year that made you feel like your fullest self
  • Pinpoint what is working well in your daily life and what is continually showing up as a speed bump

DAY 3: Define Your Compass

  • Define what you want your future to look like and develop a wish list for next year
  • Intentionally decide what you will say NO to to make space for what you need and want to say YES to

DAY 4: Deepen Your Passions

  • Learn about the Goal Funnel and how it can help you build the roots you need that will allow you to grow toward your dreams
  • Define your WHY behind each of your goals that will fuel the HOW behind your goals

DAY 5: Adding Your Happy Balance Planner to Your Tool Belt

  • Tips for filling your planner with your newly focused goals and setting goal dates
  • Tips on listing important events and days you don’t want to forget while also inserting helpful reminders within the internal pages
  • Steps for using your yearly goals as the foundation from which you carve out your first set of monthly goals

You deserve to live your best life every single day.

You deserve to not only dream about your goals but to LIVE out your goals.

Make the choice to believe fiercely in your goals and to believe daringly in yourself even more!