Hi There!

We talk a lot about “me” time to stay refreshed and energized. We believe in it so much that we even created a designated spot in your Happy Balance Planner to pencil in exactly what you plan to do just for yourself. Whether it’s lacing up your running shoes, clipping into your bike, a good cup of coffee and girl talk with friends, or even just five minutes alone, in the peace and quiet. You work hard and no one is a machine. We all need some kind of break here and there and shouldn’t feel one bit guilty about it!

But just as important as it is to tend to yourself, we think it’s equally as important to designate some “our” time. Between full time jobs, a PhD and pouring all our passion into Sherbert Shop, we can easily get into the habit of going weeks without proper “our time” with no computers/phones, no dissertation or work talk. I know you’ve been there, too! So we have made it a point to start penciling in that time! Write it down and you’re one step close to making it happen!

Tonight is one of our favorites: homemade pizza night! Jor makes homemade pizza that you should be jealous you can’t try. If I could, I’d share through the screen! It’s a tradition that started about 9 years ago and he’s now a pizza dough making guru! Have any questions or need some tricks…send Jordan an email. He’s happy to be your homemade pizza making hotline! We love going out for good food, but there’s also something special about and relaxing about homemade pizza, eating on the couch (only on pizza nights!) and just enjoying some quiet time together with a fun movie afterward!

Remember to schedule time with those special people in your life, be it your other half, kiddos or best buds! Tend to those relationships that you’d be lost without! 

For now, here’s to finding YOUR Happy Balance!