Hi There!

Sunday is usually cleaning day around here. Did someone say “boring!”? Honestly, it’s not the most fun thing on the todo list. Cleaning is like waking up super early for me. The hardest part is pulling the covers back, getting your feet to the floor and standing up. Same with cleaning. I drag my feet and find something else that HAS to get done to procrastinate the start of cleaning but then once I get started I’m on a roll! And then don’t even get me started with how amazing you feel with a squeaky clean house! Love it!

All that put aside, Jordan and I try to make things a little easier on both of us but dividing up the chores to be make things even steven. Well Jor might have gotten the short stick with bathrooms and trash…! But put your Todo list notepad to good use and divvy up the chores in your house! Give everybody, even the little kiddos, a task or two, put the list on the fridge and have people check off their task once their done. Everybody loves to feeling of checking things off and it also holds everybody accountable. Helps you stay organized and gets you one step closer to giving your house a clean slate to start the week off strong! Head over to the shop to grab a Todo list notepad!

For now, here’s to finding YOUR Happy Balance!