Given that it’s Valentine’s weekend, I’m sharing a dessert rather than a meal to add to your list of things to make this week! You know I had to go with something chocolate. Sure, it’s kind of cliché with love day but if you know me well you know I’ve also got a soft spot for all things dark chocolate! If you share the same chocolate affinity you MUST make this cake brownie from @againstallgrain!! If you haven’t heard of her, her story is amazing, completely relatable and her recipes have all been absolute bites of yumminess! No exceptions with these brownie gems! We have a pan sitting in our kitchen as we speak and we’ll see if they can last the weekend! Head over to her website to get the recipe, add the ingredients to your Grocery List notepad (available in our shop!) and make these for that special someone and/or yourself! No judgement here! ?: @againstallgrain #againstallgrain #valentines #chocolatelover #sherbertshop

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