Sometimes you can pack your planner and todo lists to maximum capacity thinking it’s an absolute necessity. You squeeze every second you can out of every day. Eventually your body will give you a news flash and tell you it’s not sustainable. That’s what happened to me this past weekend and I’ve been parked here for the last few days. I was working double time to meet a deadline for my PhD defense (aka the grand finale) and last week we decided there was too much of the good stuff to speed through. My body heard that, let out a sigh of relief and thanked me with a cold! Doesn’t seem right but I know myself well enough to know that I was pushing too hard, too much, too fast. I had lost a happy balance. These last few days have been a good reset (thank goodness for the amazing MR!) and I’m ready to get back at it but leaving all the sleepless nights and crazy pressure behind! Here’s to a refresh and a great week! #refresh #happybalance #sherbertshop

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