The Mr and I just finished up our weekly Sherbert Shop meeting and it was filled with all sorts of things that made me giddy with excitement! We’ve got our spring products finalized, we’ve got timelines finalized, and we talked colors and designs of new products! My kind of Sunday afternoon! March is going to be an exciting month and you won’t want to blink in case you miss something so be sure to sign up for our email list and be the first to learn about everything! (Link for sign up in profile.) Wally was also a fan of today’s meeting because homemade granola and yogurt were involved and he knows the deal that the final licks of yogurt have his name on them (after I’m done, of course!). Total side note, I got new progressive glasses this week and I feel like I got new eyeballs! At least the frames are cute! #sundayfunday #sherbertshop

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