We might have just flipped to the March tab in our Happy Balance Planners, but we are already in full production mode for your July – December Happy Balance Planners and they will be headed to your doorstep in just a matter of weeks!

Before any planners are packaged up and shipped, there is still one important decision on todo list: picking out your favorite July – December Happy Balance Planner cover.

This go around, we decided to go with four cover options with each one being a top seller within their production run. We get lots of emails and comments from y’all saying it was so hard for you to pick between different covers each season and so our hope is that with the 6 month version, you can use one favorite cover for the first half of the year and your second favorite for the other half of the year. We’re trying to help you create that Win/Win situation for yourself!

Jumping right in (in no particular order because we also can never pick a favorite!), we’re starting with Night Sky. This was designed and created by Mattie Tiegreen and has such a nostalgic feel to us. We call it Night Sky but it could easily be called Composition Book if that weren’t already a thing. Wether you see sky or composition with this cover, each one represents the idea of endless dreams and endless possibility. When I look up to a night sky, it’s to find a star, make a wish and remind myself of how boundless the possibilities are. Similarly, since I was in elementary school, a composition book has been my keeper of wild dreams and deep secrets. Hopefully your Night Sky Happy Balance Planner can be your organizer of daring goals and your reminder that your abilities are endless! (photo credit: Kaitie Bryant)

View More: http://kaitiebryant.pass.us/sherbert-shoppe-300dpi

The second cover option, Navy Bricks was also created by Mattie and became an instant classic for us (and you)! The simplicity of it is also one of its best features and it has the touch of sophistication that you want when you have it in hand during an important business meeting. We understand wanting a planner that has character and personality but doesn’t attract raised eyebrows or make you feel too “cutesy” carrying around your daily planner. I think the navy color + brushstroke combination was an instant magnet for people but I also love what the bricks design can represent: a solid foundation for you to dare greatly! Each day, you are laying a brick (or two) in your journey, finding forward progress on your goals. The more solid your foundation, the higher and further you can grow and that’s what we want you to be reminded of every time you open your Navy Bricks Happy Balance Planner. (photo credit: Kaitie Bryant)

View More: http://kaitiebryant.pass.us/sherbert-shoppe-300dpi

Perhaps it’s because green is my favorite color, but Green Leaves won my heart the very first time I saw it! One of my dear friends from high school, Ambrice Miller, happens to also be an amazing artist who has shared her work around the world! True story: she’s had an art exhibition in China and painted an amazing mural at Davidson College in North Carolina…so literally around the world! For her last draft of planner covers, she was inspired by her recent trip to South Africa and among the 8 drafts she did for us, Green Leaves just caught our eye and transported us on that amazing trip she took. It’s fun and bright but still exudes a feeling of being composed and organized. And isn’t that just how a jungle is? It’s big and overlapping like the leaves of this cover but within that you can create your own defined path. Green Leaves Happy Balance Planners are to remind you that even within the jungle of every day life, you absolutely have control of carving out the path to your goals that you desire.


Last but not least is our Peacock Happy Balance Planner! This one is near and dear to our heart because it was from our first run of planners back in 2016 and also designed and painted by Ambrice. When we first talked about what we were looking for, we talked about the feeling we wanted you to have when you saw your planner. We wanted a cover that made you smile, that made you excited to open it and even more excited about the people and things you were going to fill it with. We wanted you to feel a touch of whimsical so that you were reminded that even in the serious business of chasing dreams, there is space and a need for unstructured space in your schedule that allows you to feel a sense of freedom and a sense of potential. We think Ambrice touched on all of that and so much more and apparently y’all did, too…it’s still a cover crush that y’all have begged that we bring back. We were more than happy to make that request come back to life and we think it’s safe to say that if you find yourself leaning towards Peacock, we’d buy it ASAP before they are gone. They are going to fly off the shelf (pun intended!).


One of the things that we absolutely love most about our cover designs is that they are all one of a kind creations and pieces of art. They were designed and then hand painted by true artists and creatives that brought visions to life…exactly what we hope you do when putting your Happy Balance Planners to good use. The covers are catchy to the eye but we hope they are also catchy on your heart and your desire to dream your wildest dreams and start putting pen to paper to make them become your reality! Your Happy Balance Planner, regardless of the cover design is your daily reminder that the ideas and the visions you have in your head can absolutely be brought to life when you just lean into your very best self!

Head on over to the shop, pick the cover that speaks to you most and inspires you to open your Happy Balance Planner on the daily and start carving out the balanced life you desire and deserve!