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Have you heard the exciting news? Happy Balance Planners now come in two versions:

A daily layout and now….

Happy Balance Planners come in a WEEKLY Layout! 

The Weekly Happy Balance Planners are such an exciting addition to our planner line up because they were a direct response to YOUR requests and YOUR needs! We have been open ears and have listened to how some of you loved the goal sheets, the monthly calendar and even the daily to-dos and schedules but the daily spread wasn’t getting utilized to its fullest potential because you needed something more condensed. Not everyone has a need or a want to block out and schedule every hour of their day so it left pages of the daily Happy Balance Planner going unused.

Just like in real life, we want you to feel efficient and focused when you open your Happy Balance Planner. So we created the Weekly Happy Balance Planner to meet these other needs without letting go of the goal sheets and other features that you love about the Daily Happy Balance Planner. We believe in chasing dreams and we believe you can do so without every hour planned to a T!

Want to learn more? We’ve got all the details below!

Here’s a BIG change about the Weekly Happy Balance Planner: It’s UNDATED! 

  • Start on whatever month you want.
  • Stop on whatever month you want.
  • Take a month long summer vacation without worrying about wasting an entire month of pages in your Happy Balance Planner.
  • DYI: Fill in your monthly calendar with the specific month and the corresponding dates


Set your intentions for the week with a WEEKLY GOAL!

  • Weekly goal sheets are replaced with a single weekly goal to help you find purpose and intention
  • Use your weekly goal to define your daily todos
  • Stay organized with your daily mini-schedule–> keep it concise, keep it focused


Pick between TWO cover options: Navy Bricks and Peacock 

When we went to make the decision about cover options, we immediately went to what y’all have defined as our top sellers. Peacock was our original cover design created by Ambrice Miller and Navy Bricks has become a staple, created by Mattie Tiegreen. What we absolutely love about both is that they were created by women with passion, heart and true talent. They are artists, creators and dreamers.

They are a reminder of what it looks like when you turn your dreams into realities and we absolutely love that every time you open your planner, you’re reminded that you and your dreams are absolutely possible!


We always aim to create products that you can make your own and we are excited to add the weekly layout to your options! You still have a special events page, a monthly view to see the big picture of what you have coming up, goal sheets to help you continue to carve out forward progress, and just enough space on the daily to keep yourself organized and focused. We’ve traded out the spiral for a perfectly bound spine on the weekly layout (think normal book style), with the the intent of making your planner fit in your bag on-the-go even easier. You’re busy, you’re going places and you’ve got people to see and things to do. You need efficient and effective and that’s exactly what the Weekly Happy Balance Planner gives you!

We believe in carving out time and space for all the people and all the things that fuel you and fill you with joy. We also believe that the best way to do that is to write it down. Find space on paper and then let that help you find space in your day to day.

You can head on over to the shop today and pre-order your Weekly Happy Balance Planner and if you have any questions at all, never hesitate to reach out and send us a message. We are always happy and eager to help you in your search for the planner that fits your needs!