Maybe you saw the title of this post and started scratching your forehead…how can planning not be everything when all we talk about is how planning is the magic weapon for keeping your daily juggling act in motion. We still are firm believers that without a plan you lack the direction and focus you need to tackle those big dreams and goals of yours head on. BUT…yes there is a but with this…with all this planning, you have to recognize that you can’t plan for absolutely every different scenario or speed bump you might run into along the path that you are carving out for yourself. You can only prepare yourself for these hiccups and prepare how you will recover.

We have a recent example of our own.

We wanted Happy Balance Planner pre-orders out the door and on your door step by now. We had todo lists, we double checked everything, we put the time and energy into making sure all details were taken care of…we planned!! But sometimes, no matter the planning, you’re thrown a curve ball! Our personal curve ball this week came in the form of mislabeled tabs. Jor opened the box up and called out to me: “Hill…we’ve got a problem”! Our tab printer labeled all of your tabs July – Dec and skipped over the first 6 months of the year. I guess they thought it better to start the year in July rather than January. This mix-up has set us back, completely derailed our pre-order shipping schedule and had me sending apology emails that made me cringe (like, hard to press the send button cringe and open emails with my eyes half opened in fear of a disappointed customer cringe)! Despite the todo lists and the buffer time we allotted for curve balls just like this, we learned it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t a foul proof plan.

Bottom line: This is just a metaphor for REAL LIFE! We can write every last task into our Happy Balance Planners and we can time block the heck out of a day and week but that doesn’t give us an automatic pass for everything going exactly as we write it down in our Happy Balance Planners! That is such a hard thing for me to write and accept on the daily but it’s so important to embrace this idea. It’s not about how perfectly you can orchestrate what you write down in your Happy Balance Planner. Your Happy Balance Planner is a tool to help you carve out your path each day, week and month so that you find forward progress each day towards your true passions. We want you to fill your planner on the daily with the baby steps and the big leaps that are going to take you from point A to point B but we also want you to leave space in your planner for the occasional curve ball. What it is truly about is how you rebound, how you adjust and how you carve out a new path that truly matters when life throws you an obstacle. Don’t let the curve balls stop you from moving forward…embrace the extra turn in your path, learn from it and and become stronger because of it!

Here are a few tips for how to handle the curve balls and speed bumps that add an extra turn in your path:

  • Take a Breath: Seems simple right…yet it’s in our most hectic and anxious moments that we seem to forget that one of the best coping mechanisms that we can use for stressful situations is found within us. You are equipped with one of the very best tools and that is your breath. Breath can center you, take you back to your foundation and it can energize you (read more here). So before you do anything, simply press the pause button and give yourself a breath and the chance to quiet the panic button that you are hearing in your head and replace it with the voice that says “you’ve got this”!
  • Readjust Your Game Plan: The thing that you have to remember when you make a plan and break your goals down into actionable items is that you are always the director! Sure, we all want Plan A to be the best plan and go off without a hitch. But remind yourself that it’s not the ONLY plan that is going to get you to your end goal. So go back to your original schedule and start to move things around: change dates, re-prioritize tasks/events, edit ideas and steps, and maybe even ask for help!
  •  Rebound and ACT!: Once your new game plan is in place, it’s time to put your plan into action. Everyone needs their moment to vent, be angry and maybe even have a small pity party BUT give yourself just that…a moment. Don’t let yourself get stuck in this discouraging place or even worse a place of doubt! Just because you aren’t on your original path, doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path! So pull yourself up, trust in yourself and in your plan and go after it with even more passion and desire than you started. Rebound stronger and wiser and use that to fuel you into action!
  • Take it One Step at a Time: We recommend this even when you’re not thrown a curve ball, but especially during the stressful times, make your Plan B and then be laser focused on that first step. Put blinders on to steps 2-10 and instead focus entirely on just step 1. You will continue to be in a fight or flight mode if you continually focus on everything you now have to do because you are on a detour from your original plan. So redirect your focus and before you know it, each step will have a check mark by it and you’ll be back on the original path OR you’ll be on a new path that ended up being even better than the original plan!
  • Give Yourself Grace: Throughout this process of redirecting and redefining, most importantly…give yourself grace! Remind yourself that ANY step forward is progress. Remind yourself that you do YOUR BEST every day. Remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH just the way you are.

Next time you’re thrown a curve ball, we hope you see it as an opportunity to show it everything you’re made of! Maybe it’s a challenge, but we think you’re totally strong enough to overcome it because you have absolutely everything you need within yourself to catch and redirect any curve ball headed in your way!  

PS: Thank you so much for your patience…we are working double time to get your pre-orders to you ASAP!