Despite the random cold snap we had down here in the South last week (coupled with crazy thunderstorms!), we can officially say that spring is here! With the start of spring, I think there is this inevitable feeling of wanting to hit the refresh button and just clear out all the things that accumulated during the winter months.

You want to lighten up and brighten up! 

The minute we started to touch 70 degrees, I was talking to Jor about cleaning out the garden beds, starting the herb garden and getting the patio and porch back in action. But it wasn’t just outside that was calling my name, the inside needed attention too.

There’s something about the change in seasons that makes me see spaces differently. I find that my closet is TOO full and I have too much to wear and nothing to wear all at the same time. The kitchen pantry has two shelves full of things we no longer ate since making the 80/20 Paleo switch. The bathroom drawers are chaotic and make me feel disorganized at the start of every day.

Do you get those same feelings? Do you start a new season, either figuratively or literally, feeling like you need to brush off and let go of things weighing you down? You don’t want to start a new season heavy or carrying extra things that no longer serve you.

You want to lean into a new season feeling refreshed, feeling light, and feeling open.

You want to let go of the old to make room for the new!

It’s that simple. And while cleaning/organizing might not be at the top of “FUN List” for everyone, you can’t help but feel amazing once you actually clean a space out. You find things you don’t even remember, some you might be excited about and others might raise an eyebrow at, but a spring clean also gives you a chance to really evaluate what is taking up space in your home and decide if it still serves a meaningful purpose. The clutter that accumulates around our house translates to the clutter that we feel in our minds with to-do lists, schedules, and events.

This clutter can actually keep us from working at our fullest, operating at maximum efficiency and making the time and space for the things that allow us to keep finding forward progress on our goals. 

We recently reached the point where we decided spring refresh needed to be put into action and so for the past few weeks we’ve been making our way around the house. We started outside in the yard and on the porch for our literal spring refresh and then moved inside the house with the kitchen, closets, and bathroom.

Now, I should preface all of this by saying that I’m one of the weird ones that thinks cleaning and organizing a room or closet is a “fun” weekend activity but I totally understand that it’s not the normal. If you’re someone who read that and thought I was crazy, first, you’re not alone (Jor still gets a kick out of how INTO I get!) and second, we’ve got some tips that will help you dive in and embrace the spring refresh! 

  • Start Basic. Start Easy. If you feel like spring cleaning is a chore, this is your start zone: something easy. Start with a drawer, a closet or a space that doesn’t overwhelm you when you think about organizing it. Maybe you’ve got a junk drawer in the kitchen that you know is half trash anyways. Start there. I’m guessing that most of what’s in your junk drawer won’t hold too much sentimental value, hence why it’s home is the junk drawer, so it should be relatively easy to sift through things and easily let things go that no longer serve a meaningful purpose. Another easy spot to start is the bathroom. Think about all the old products that are half used because you found the next greatest thing and now they’re just taking up space! Let all of that go and keep only what you truly use on the daily.
  • Empty All the Things. The first step is always the easiest: dump it all out. Empty everything out of the space, whether it be a closet, drawer, room, etc. so you can see what you’re working with. It’s going to get messy and maybe even overwhelming to see how much you really have but that’s the point! When everything is stuffed in a closet or drawer it’s easy to ignore, but when it’s out in the open you have no other option but to face it. This is the time where you’ve got to make a mess before you can clear through it.
  •  Sort Through the Mess. Here’s where things can get a little tricky and timely. One by one decide whether the item still adds some kind of value, has a true purpose or is sentimental in some way that deserves being kept. This can be the tricky part because you might start playing the what if scenarios that convince you that you need to keep the item around for that random occasion. But be honest with yourself. Have you used the item recently? Do you have something similar that you love more? Would you notice if the item was missing for a month? These are the type of questions you want to ask yourself, not the hypotheticals. Kitchen and bath items can be easiest thanks to expiration dates so maybe start in these spaces.
  • Clean the Space. Its easy to skip this step, but before you load everything back in, take a moment to thoroughly clean the space. This is your chance to start totally fresh so clean off the shelves and inside the drawers that are about to be filled again. If you’re really feeling fancy, you can add drawer and shelf liners so clean up the next time is super simple (like cleaning up a lined baking sheet!).
  • Organize What Matters. Last but not least is to organize (i.e. my favorite part!). Once you decide what to keep, you need to find a practical home for each item. Don’t overcrowd things so you have to pull out three things to get to one and don’t feel like it has to be picture picture. Think functional and realistic so that you can maintain it on the daily.

Don’t feel like you need to empty your entire house, every drawer and every closet in one big swoop. While it feels rewarding to clear out a space, it’s also time consuming and draining. Take it one room and one space at a time.

If a particular space or area is driving you crazy, start there. If you’re overwhelmed by the mess, start small. The most important part is to simply start somewhere. I promise you will feel lighter, allowing more room for the things that truly matter.

If you’re ready to dive in to your own spring refresh, we’ve got some checklists to help you tackle some of those spaces that tend to need some organizing each season (think kitchen pantry + fridge, bathroom drawers, and closets).

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