We’ve had some questions about our 6 month Happy Balance Planner option over the 12 month. Specifically, the question of the hour is why we decided to go with the 6 month version for 2017.

The biggest reason: size and portability!

We didn’t want to compromise on the inside pages…each goal sheet had a purpose, the daily todo list and schedule was essential to feeling organized and finding ways to progress, and the full daily spreads for Saturday and Sunday were total game changers for some of y’all. But we also recognized that the 12 month version was a chunky monkey! It was a little trickier to throw in your purse or bag and so you were left scribbling on random pieces of paper when out and about or you miss something completely.

The 6 month Happy Balance Planner has been the very best solution! You continue to have all the tools and space you need to carve out time for work and play AND you can easily have it handy wherever you go! Chasing your goals and creating balance anywhere and anytime! Because at the end of the day, your Happy Balance Planner is there to help you make whatever goal you want to go after become real life, carve out the time you want for those you want to spend it with and ultimately…create the balance in your life that you crave!

6m vs 12m Happy Balance Planner

Other Benefits of the 6 month Happy Balance Planner that Customers Have LOVED:

  • Taking the year and taking their goals just six month at a time. People are finding that rather than taking their goals and looking at the year in its entirety, they are enjoying focusing on just the next six months, tackling their weekly and monthly goals and then reassessing in July. You can think of it like giving yourself TWO New Years Celebrations! 
  • Not carrying around 6 extra months.  This is different for everyone, but the general consensus has been that people aren’t feeling just physically lighter not having to carry around the extra 6 months, but they are feeling figuratively lighter, as well. Leave behind what you want, come July, and only take with you what makes you stronger. You’ll always have those six months to look back on but you only have to carry around all that you have to look forward to!
  • Still have Year at a Glance and Special Events pages. While you only have goal sheets and daily spreads for 6 months, you can still reference the full year on your Year at a Glance page and you can certainly keep up with your birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, etc. on you Special Events page that will cover all 12 months. Remember the big events on those pages and capture all the small day to day work on your daily pages.

Takeaway: The 6 month Happy Balance Planner has all the bells and whistles as the 12 month version but can now easily go with you on-the-go because we know the path to make your goals a reality is not a smooth path at your desk all day. You’re juggling, you’re moving, your turning from one thing and one person to the next, and we want your Happy Balance Planner right there with you, along for the ride! Head on over to the shop to order your 2017 Happy Balance Planner and make sure your favorite cover design is tucked away safely into your bag!