We created the Happy Balance Planner to help you truly create a balance between your dreams and the people and things that fuel your dreams! We understand the struggle to find the courage to take the first steps in pursuing your goals or the struggle to find the strength to take the next step on your journey. Life gets chaotic and its easy for dreams and goals to get lost in the shuffle or lost in the doubt that freezes us from leaning in and trusting that we can actually make our goals come to life. No matter whether your goals are big or small, we fully believe in having a plan! Plans help you organize the steps of your journey that are going to lead you to wherever and whatever your finish line might be.

Maybe you read that and thought to yourself, “easier said than done”! We get that, too. You need real solutions and real tools that are actually going to help you stay focused, stay organized and stay fearlessly determined. That struggle to move past speaking about your goals and actually pursuing and living your goals is a real one and so we wanted to share with y’all our secret weapon: The Goal Funnel! We did a blog post over on the Belong Magazine Blog a few weeks ago on The Goal Funnel but thought it was equally important to also share the details here. It’s what truly makes the Happy Balance Planner unique and transforms it from being just another daily planner to a goal planning system! It is the foundation of your planner that helps you define your days, helps you find intention your plans and helps you be mindful in truly creating the balance that you not only crave but deserve.

What we love about the Goal Funnel is that it works for any goal you might have no matter how big or small it might be. Even if your goal is to get up in the morning and smile…the goal funnel provides the space to help you live and pursue your goal(s) every single day. It starts with yearly goals and then helps you break those down into monthly, weekly and daily goals so that what was once a dauntingly large endeavor, quickly becomes manageable and most importantly…achievable! It’s set up like the opening paragraph of a paper: an upside down pyramid where you start broad and then work your way down to the nitty gritty details. The yearly goals are the broad foundation and the daily goals are the individual steps that add up to ultimately bring your yearly goals to life.

Your Happy Balance Planner comes equipped with these goal worksheets so that you don’t have multiple notebooks or one planner with sticky notes and extra pages paper clipped in. You know what I’m talking about! That was me before we created the Happy Balance Planner…working from three different lists in three different places and feeling just as disorganized as that system. So when we created our planners, it was imperative to us that we include the goal worksheets that make up The Goal Funnel so that it became a one stop shop for defining goals, carving out paths, and achieving whatever you put your mind to!

We’re going to break The Goal Funnel down for you now so that you can really see how you can make it work for you to maximize it and YOUR full potential!

  • Yearly (or 6 month) Goals: Make this your your New Year’s resolution list or your yearly bucket list. But, most importantly, take a moment to truly think through what you want to accomplish this year both personally and professionally. Think about the different aspects of your life and think about the goals that will help you grow in different areas of your life. It’s not about filling your list with big-ticket items that have the “wow” factor but it’s about filling your list with meaningful and intentional items that feed your heart and speak to your passions. Making goals to experience new cultures, check out of social media more and check in with in-person coffee dates more, and laugh more with close friends are just as important as checking off the big work project. These goals are supposed to help root you in true happiness that creates the foundation for your true balance. Lastly, don’t feel obligated to fill each line; it’s quality over quantity..always!
  • Monthly Goals: Break your yearly goals down into parts because very few are going to be goals that can be achieved overnight. Look back at your yearly goals and decide what you can do this month to find forward progress on accomplishing one, two or a few of them. Map out when you want to finish your goal by. Sometimes writing down an actual date can help hold your feet to fire and keep you accountable. You might find that you were over ambitious one month; don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a check mark by each task/item. Simply move it to the next month and go after it again. It’s always about finding forward progress no matter if it’s a baby step or a giant leap!
  • Weekly Goals: Monthly goals are great for keeping the big picture in mind, but we find weekly goals are where you get your hands dirty. This is where you take a good look at your monthly goals and you decide the when and the how of checking those goals off. This is the place where you take control over what could be stressful and chaotic and you decide what takes priority and when. I like to fill out my weekly goal list on Sunday and then fill in the tasks throughout the week. You should finish your weekly goal list and feel completely organized (and balanced!) to OWN the week and not let the week own you! 

Have questions about how to make The Goal Funnel and goal planning worksheets in your Happy Balance Planner work for you? Send them our way! We’d love to help you utilize them fully so that you can step into your true, genuine self fully!