Too often we get so busy and fill our todo lists to the max that we easily forget the real focus of it all: the why! We lose sight of the passion that fuels us to swing our feet out of bed and hit the ground running. But, we truly believe in the power and the importance of defining for yourself each day the WHY behind what you are doing. What is the purpose behind all the tasks that fuel your day and the schedule that you keep? Is it for a wild and crazy dream you are working toward? Or is it for your nearest and dearest that send your joy meter to the tip top? There is no right or wrong answer there is only YOUR true, genuine answer!


We wanted to share the WHY behind Sherbert Shop and give you an inside perspective of how our small business and our products came to be!


WHY we truly love what we do?

We love paper goods, all things and products related to organization and Hillary, in particular, LOVES organizing! We also love helping others and we view our planners as organizing tools that can truly help people find focus, find space for who and what they love and create their own balance.


We also LOVE the idea of creating something from scratch…creating our small business together, deciding on the details of products from start to finish, holding the finished products in hand and knowing that WE DID IT! We made our vision, ideas and dreams come to life!


WHY do we personally believe in what we do?

We believe in creating a balance in your life. That doesn’t mean it is always pretty, perfect or constant, but it is YOURS! We also believe in pursuing your goals to the absolute fullest and daring greatly. Too often, we get stuck and frozen in doubt and in a fear of the unknown and that is where goal planning (i.e. the goal funnel) becomes such a crucial tool. We believe that if people dump all those crazy ideas and goals they have in their head onto paper and they break each one down into smaller steps, they can truly overcome doubt and fear and replace it with confidence, drive and passion. But to truly pursue those goals, we believe that balance has to play a key role! You have to remember to cultivate the relationships that fuel your goals and you have to tend to yourself, as well.

You have to carve this time out and create the balance you need to grow into the dreams and goals you desire!


What led us to this love and belief that is the heart behind Sherbert Shop?

What led us to believe in this relationship between goals, planning and balance was my (Hillary’s) own struggles with saying YES to everything BUT myself! The yes list grew and so did my anxiety to the point where panic attacks were on the weekly to do list alongside every other task. When I couldn’t remember a week without one, I knew something had to change. What was the point of throwing everything into a dream or goal if I was letting life pass me by, working to exhaustion, and missing memories and time with the people that fed my soul? I couldn’t answer that why, so I started on my own journey of creating balance. For me, goal planning was essential…my magic weapon! These weren’t just goals related to work or school, they were goals related to everyday life that included the people and things I loved most. There was no planner or planner system that existed to really meet all my needs and that was when Jor asked me why I couldn’t create my own.


That simple question led to our Happy Balance Planner that has helped me (and now, so many others!) on the daily. We knew others struggled with these very same issues and we wanted to share this valuable goal planning system with them. We wanted to give others a chance to pour their heart into their dreams to make them a reality but not lose out on the time, memories or relationships with their loves that give them the courage and passion to chase those dreams!


When time seems to be racing past you, take a little moment for yourself and really think about your why. Write it down to make sure you have a daily reminder of this why that fuels you forward, fills every day with intention and continues to give you that spark that lights your true passions!


What do you love to do that truly fills you with pure joy? What led you down this path and journey? What is your WHY? We’ve shared our story but we would love to learn yours!