Every day, we work to encourage you to hold on tightly to your dreams! To find intention and find purpose in your work so that everyday you aren’t working toward perfection but are instead working on progressing toward your dreams and goals! I use my Happy Balance Planner every single day to help me find the focus and organization I need to take the small steps that help me constantly work toward the dreams I am holding on to with all I’ve got!

The past few years my dream and goal has been defined by finishing my PhD. It’s been a long road, a twisty road and not always an easy road to travel along. What helped me turn my goal into a reality is the goal planning system that we included in our Happy Balance Planners. The system is based on the Goal Funnel that we introduced in a previous post, with the idea centered on breaking down even your biggest goals into smaller, actionable steps. Our planning system helps you take the guess work out of where to place your foot next and instead helps you create a roadmap that will help define the stepping stones and the actions you need to take reach your goal. Anytime I strayed from using this planning system, I felt chaos build in me and around me and Jordan would always ask me…”did you write it down”? The minute I started breaking my goals down into smaller pieces and writing those down, I found that I could catch my breath by focusing on just one small step at a time. Each small step adds up and before you know it you’ve reached a milestone in your journey or you might have reached the top of your metaphorical mountain!

We want to hear your stories about how your Happy Balance Planner has helped you in your own journey working toward your own dreams!

Your dream and goal doesn’t have to be an “Everest”…that’s not what we’re looking for! We’re looking for stories of how you have filled your Happy Balance Planner with your deepest passions AND your nearest and dearest to create more of the life that you always wished you could bring to life. Maybe that means you accomplished a significant professional goal or maybe it means you used your planner to carve out more meaningful time with your kiddos or maybe you have found more intention in your every day life! We truly want to hear your stories and share with others how they too can make the Happy Balance Planner a valuable tool to dream greatly, love fiercely and create the balance that they want and deserve!


If you have a story to share…we are all ears and open hearts! Leave us a comment below or email us directly at hello@sherbertshop.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!